Code of Ethics

The Code of Ethics

 of RCD Radiokomunikace Ltd.


Social responsibility has recently been extended to company responsibility for quality of products and services, paying taxes, taking care of health and safety of employees and taking care of the environment.

Social responsibility requirements are specified in SA 8000 and IAFT 16 949/2016, which are an extension of ISO 9001.

The company has been certified according to ISO 9001 since 2001.

The company expresses its relation to social responsibility by following rules and obligations:


  • to participate in creating a fair business environment
  • to act freely but within the scope of written and unwritten rules given by the law and morality principles
  • to confirm company image as a guarantor of keeping contracts and obligations by everyday activities
  • to protect the environment by new products planning, new production procedures and behaviour
  • to strengthen company´s culture and to protect company human relations which are based on mutual respect from any kind of discrimination. Creating opportunities for career perspective, education and improving qualification of each employee has also been part of company´s culture.
  • to protect company´s reputation and society from being threatened with unethical behaviour of its employees, suppliers or customers


In Staré Hradiště on 10th December 2018

on behalf of company management

Karel Páral, executive